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Improving Health

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Pet minerals

Minerals for Pets

Animals obtain their mineral nutrition through the food they eat. In an ideal world our pets would roam free hunting and eating roots and grasses and getting minerals from the ground they eat from and in the water they drink. In reality many pets are locked up in small back yards or houses and fed chlorinated water and processed foods, including human leftover foods, which are vastly from their natural diet.

Minerals in animals are needed to help your pet mature, maintain energy and help prevent health problems. Your pet’s mineral requirements will vary depending on their weight, age, breed and available food intake.

Premium Mineralised Dog Food

Paradise Nutrients mineralised premium dog food is a broad spectrum premium blend that gives your dogs the benefit of over 75 plant derived minerals and a choice of many meats all in one blend of dog food.  PN Dog Food is a premium dog food that will suit all breeds of dogs.  PN Dog Food is Australian made and contains a broad spectrum of Beef, Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork, Chicken, Turkey, Fish, some cereals and   vegetables. PN Dog Food has been enhanced with plant derived colloidal minerals that will contribute to your best friends immune system and general wellbeing.

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Premium Mineralised Cat Food

Paradise Nutrients broad spectrum premium cat food is manufactured using only carefully selected prime ingredients. The ingredients are ground mixed and cooked, roasted and enriched with minerals, vitamins and amino acids making it a highly nutritious cat food.

 Minerals These are essential to the cat and are involved in almost all physiological reactions. They contribute to enzyme  formation, pH balance, nutrient utilization and oxygen transportation and are stored in bone and muscle tissue. Biological availability may vary widely depending on the source of the nutrient. Elemental minerals are generally taken from the earth or water; chelated minerals are those that are bound with other organic substances, often making them easier for the body to absorb

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Paradise Nutrients Pet Minerals

PN Pet Minerals are a concentrated broad spectrum mineral formula derived from a selection of sea minerals and sea plants,   minerals from pristine deposits of age old healing plants and herbs, dolomite, bentonite, diatomite, MSM sulphur, kelp (with trace iodine), coral minerals and organically grown herbs, garlic extract, onion extract, green barley leaf, celery leaves, leek, parsley, cress (water and garden), chive, lovage, basil, and other essential herb and plant derived minerals and nutrients.

The combined ingredients in this product include a broad spectrum of over 74+ plant minerals. A broad spectrum of minerals may assist with the replacement of many of the minerals that your pet may be lacking in their diet. Plant minerals derived from an organic or natural source are by far more available to animals than synthetic or mineral salts. Plant derived minerals have already been digested through a process called photosynthesis

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Paradise Nutrients Flea and Dust mite is an all natural non toxic  powder formula designed to assist  your pets of that may be affected with fleas or mites and unwanted nasties that may irritate you pet.

Paradise Nutrients Flea and Mite Dust is made from organic  diatomite flower and essential oils that deter or eradicate unwanted parasites on your pets.

Flea and Mite Dust

Fleas and mites may also infect your pets beds and surrounding areas causing discomfort and hygiene problems for your family . Dusting your  pets bed and surrounding area may also give your pets and family that extra protection.


Pet Mineral Treats

PN Pet Treats are an all natural treat infused with Paradise Nutrients special mineral blend. A treat for your dog or cat with the add-ed benefits of 74+ plant minerals.


Horse & Pet Balm

PN Horse and Pet Balm is a beautiful smooth cream that contaipet-balmans 100% natural ingredients. It provides a deep heat penetration and prepares muscles and joints movement before or after vigorous activity for your horse or pets or for relief from old tired muscles.

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Pet Shampoo

Pet Shampoo
In today's world our pets are spending more time in our own living area so it is important to keep our pets clean. Even though our pets are domesticated they are still animals and may carry some unwanted animals bugs and diseases. Your pet’s skin can also be sensitive to chemicals causing rashes and itchiness. Just like us, animals can absorb toxins through their skin so it is important to use natural products to wash our pets.

Paradise Nutrients Pet Shampoo contains aloe vera leaf extract, coconut extract, castor oil emulsifier, vegetable glycerine, sodium chloride, citric acid, canpres-PNDPD herbal presenetine citric acid,  lemon myrtle, tea tree, eucalyptus and other essential oils. Our minerals and amino acids are derived from age old healing plants and herbs, are free from sodium lauryl and laureth sulphate, animal by-products, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances and  colours and are Phosphate Free.


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